Kord kuus
CDN + Web Application Firewall
- Caches Content Across Global Network, Remove Latency & Increase Performance.
- WAF stops attacks from common web threats and specialized attacks.
- Fast Processing speed @ 0.3ms with real-time global updates
- PCI compliance.
Kord kuus
Web Vulnerability Scanner
- Security checks including OWASP Top 10
- Unlimited Scans & Malware Checks
Kord kuus
Website Monitoring
- 1 URL or IP
- 1 Minute Interval
- Email Alert
- Monitoring Reports
Kord kuus
Cisco Snort Business Rule Subscription
- For 1 Sensor.
- Intrusion Prevention System capable of Real-Time Traffic Analysis and Packet Logging.
- Priority Response for False Positives & Rules
- Immediate Ruleset Release